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3.0 Legal Foundations of Safeguards

Discussions with Laura Rockwood on INFCIRCs 153 and 540

     Richland, WA ยท June 2006


3.1 Introductions (1:26)

3.2 Legal Foundations (16:06)

Subtopics:  International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Statute; safeguards and international law; INFCIRC/66; voluntary offer agreements; INFCIRC/153, Paras. 1, 2; peaceful vs. explosive use of nuclear material; entry into force

3.3 The State & Agency Relationship (8:12)

Subtopics: INFCIRC/153, Para. 3; Agency reporting; INFCIRC/153, Para. 5; transparency

3.4 IAEA Board of Governors & Secretariat (2:53)

Subtopics: IAEA policy-making organs; Agency decision-making

3.5 SSACs & State Record-keeping (7:48)

Subtopics: State Systems of Accounting for and Control of Nuclear Material (SSAC); INFCIRC/153, Paras. 7, 8; national reporting requirements; UN Security Council Resolution 1540 (April 2004)

3.6 Inspectors (1:43)

Subtopics: Inspector rights and access; INFCIRC/153, Paras. 9, 10

3.7 Non-application of Safeguards (2:24)

Subtopics: INFCRIC/153, Para. 14

3.8 Significant Quantities (4:50)

Subtopics: INFCIRC/153, Para. 28; detection of diversion; undeclared nuclear material; revised small quantities protocol (SQP)

3.9 Objectives of 540 & Relationship to 153; Access & Confidentiality (12:07)

Subtopics: Committee 24; Programme 93+2; expanded declarations; complementary access; simplified safeguards procedures

3.10 Additional Protocol Implementation & Requirements (13:04)

Subtopics: Additional Protocol model language; provision of export information

3.11 Expanded Declarations & Integrated Safeguards (4:01)

Subtopics: Expanded reporting and SSACs; Agency response; focused inspection efforts

3.12 Complementary Access & Inspections (6:24)

Subtopics: Additional Agency access; ad-hoc, routine, and special inspections (INFCIRC/153); declared and undeclared locations; North Korea; managed access

3.13 540 & Safeguards Implementation (6:43)

Subtopics: Environmental sampling; wide area environmental monitoring; safeguards as an evolving norm

3.14 Concluding Remarks (2:54)

Subtopics: Future role of IAEA

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Foundations of International Safeguards

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