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2.0 Retrospective on the Nonproliferation Treaty

A Conversation with George Bunn

     Stanford University – Palo Alto, CA · February 2006


2.1 Starting the post-WWII era (7:33)

Subtopics: Early nonproliferation proposals; Geneva 18-nation Disarmament Conference

2.2 NPT Beginnings (8:06)

Subtopics: The Irish Proposal; Multilateral Nuclear Force; NPT Articles I & II

2.3 Article III Negotiation and Euratom (22:56)

Subtopics: Treaty of Rome; relationship between United States and Soviet delegations; NPT Article IV; India as a Party to NPT negotiations

2.4 Article III, Paragraphs 1 & 2 (11:02)

Subtopics: INFCIRC/66; the Law of Treaties; NPT indefinite extension; INFCIRC/153, Para. 28

2.5 Article III, Paragraphs 3 & 4 (8:35)

Subtopics: The spread of sensitive nuclear technologies; Small Quantities Protocol

2.6 Concluding the Treaty (7:32)

Subtopics: NPT Article X; United Nations Security Council

2.7 Conclusions (7:18)

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