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Stakeholder Engagement

PNNL's Center for Global Security engages a broad, multidisciplinary range of stakeholders to explore innovative ideas and emerging issues and build integrated solutions based on sound science, technology, and policy research.

Center for Global Security Approach

We explore key questions that lead to comprehensive, forward-looking solutions:

  • What current threats—chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive, cyber—pose continuing or new challenges to national and global security?
  • What emerging technologies and threats will pose new challenges, and how can we best understand the multifaceted nature of these challenges?
  • How can the science, technology, and policy communities come together and make focused investments to deploy robust solutions and best prepare the nation against future harm?

Innovative Ideas & Emerging Issues

As the world's geopolitical landscape shifts, so does the nature of our work. To confront current and future challenges, the Center uses a systematic approach to analyze a diverse set of inputs and influencers and lay the groundwork for national security solutions that address "over the horizon" or emerging threats. Our approach generates:

  • Broader engagement in idea generation
  • Topical areas for future research agendas
  • Better understanding of the ever-changing threat landscape

Center for Global Security

Topics of Interest