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About the CGS

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's Center for Global Security (CGS) brings together a multi-disciplinary set of stakeholders to:

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Engage global security, policy, science, and technology experts to identify emerging threats

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Examine emerging national security issues through in-depth analysis of the economic, legal, regulatory, and policy factors that can influence the transition from science to solutions

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Deliver insights and recommendations for future research agendas based on strong foundations in science, technology, and policy.

The Center explores questions that lead to comprehensive, forward-looking solutions:

  • What current threats—chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, explosive, cyber—pose continuing or new challenges to national and global security?
  • What emerging threats will pose new challenges, and how can we best understand the multifaceted nature of these threats?
  • How can the science, technology, and policy communities make focused investments and deploy robust solutions to best prepare the nation against future harm?

The Center is aligned with the PNNL National Security Directorate, capitalizing on the skills and experience of hundreds of technical staff, unique facilities and centers of excellence, and significant technical capabilities and investments. Offices for the Center are located in Seattle, Washington; Richland, Washington; and Washington, DC. See flier

Center for Global Security

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