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Dr. Vincent Gallucci

Dr. Vincent Gallucci is a Professor in the School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences at the University of Washington.  He has adjunct appointments in:

  • School of Marine Affairs
  • Center for Quantitative Science
  • Quantitative Ecology and Resource Management Program

He has a B.S. in Physics, a Masters in Biophysics and a Ph.D. in Statistics.  Dr. Gallucci specializes in quantitative stock assessment and management of developing country, small scale fisheries.

He has been involved in assistance projects in Latin America, Africa and the Mid-East, and has extensive experience in Pacific Northwest coastal ecosystems. These include work and research in several ecosystems ranging from Alaska to Washington State. These experiences include the theoretical and practical management of small-scale, village level [commonly called artisanal] fisheries for maximum sustainable production and in institution creation for policies to resolve the inevitable allocation conflicts among culture, wildstock and industrial production sources.

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