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Joseph Ulatoski

Since retirement in 1977, Joe has been Executive Director of United for Washington, Administrator of a large Seattle law firm, Interim President of a multi-branch commercial real estate company, Manager of the Puget Sound and California Operations of a wholesale distribution company, and the President of his own management and consulting company. Then in July 1991, he retired for the second time. In Feb. 1992, Joe jointed the Frank Russell Co. as Director of Russell 20-20, an informal group of major pension funds and money management companies that are seeking to learn about the economic and investment environments in those areas and countries of the world that are emerging from command/planned economies into some form of market economy. In that capacity, Joe has spent considerable time in eastern and southeastern Europe, China, the Former Soviet Union and India. His civilian education includes a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Nebraska in Omaha and graduate studies at Columbia’s Russian Institute. His military education includes graduation from the Army’s Command & General Staff College, the Army War College and the Army’s Foreign Affairs Institute.

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