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Edward Nixon

Edward Nixon is president of Nixon World enterprises, Inc., a service company based in Washington state. Following incorporation in May of 1980, Mr. Nixon has engaged in projects for clients in more than twenty countries on five continents. He specializes in international commercial trade, investigating a wide range of prospects. As a geologist he is presently concentrating on the technical evaluation of mining projects and new techniques in metallurgy and hazardous waste disposal. His long term personal interest has been focused on innovative methods for clean extraction of earth resources. He is also actively pursuing development of innovations in thermo-voltaic and photo-voltaic electric power generators, and the development of hybrid electric power plants combining conventional and alternative energy resources.

Mr. Nixon has worked on projects in mining, refining, and manufacturing, assisting startup companies in the U.S.; on development of original equipment manufacturers overseas; on expansion of international satellite communications; on marketing of agricultural products, improvement of transportation, and support of cultural exchange programs. On his 22nd visit to China in September, 1998, he interviewed numerous Chinese veterans of his brother's journey to Beijing 27 years ago. The Chinese perspective on the historical significance of that event provided many intriguing details not well known in the West.

Ed is the youngest brother of former President Richard M. Nixon.

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