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Dr. Richard J. Ellings

President, National Bureau of Asian Research

Dr. Ellings is President and co-founder of The National Bureau of Asian Research, a bipartisan (Seattle-based) institution that conducts advanced research and serves as an international clearinghouse for research on important policy issues in America’s relations with East Asia. Prior to serving with NBR, from 1986-1989, he was Assistant Director and on the faculty of the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington. Dr. Ellings is the author of Embargoes and World Power: Lessons from American Foreign Policy (1985), co-author of Private Property and National Security (1991), coeditor and an author of Korea’s Future and the Great Powers (2001), with Nicholas Eberstadt, and of Southeast Asian Security in the New Millennium (1996) with Sheldon Simon.

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