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Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Center for Global Security (CGS) catalyzes the development of leading-edge national solutions to emerging and “over-the-horizon” issues, integrating science & technology, policy, and implementation expertise from across the global security community.  More ...

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Aligning Technology Solutions to Address Over-the-Horizon Threats

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Hurricane Sandy and other global disasters have provided invaluable insights into our nation’s need to reduce risks and build resiliency across national security, economic and humanitarian interests. The Center’s Gretchen Hund, along with co-author Sherri Goodman (CNA) and PNNL colleague Andrew Kurzrok, share their perspectives in a thought leadership article sponsored by CGS that was featured in Domestic Preparedness.

Center for Global Security


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PNNL's Center for Global Security brings together national and global security experts, policy makers, and the private sector to address future threats by catalyzing forward-looking national security solutions for the U.S. Government and bridging the gap between policy development and technology implementation.  For more information, see the CGS About page.