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Center for Global Security

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory’s Center for Global Security (CGS) studies emerging national security issues through in-depth analysis of the economic, legal, regulatory and policy factors that can influence the development of effective science and technology solutions. Read more ...

What's New

In FY2016, the Center engaged a multidisciplinary set of stakeholders to explore current and emerging threats and to provide recommendations to decision makers, analysts, and researchers in building comprehensive, forward-looking solutions. Check out the CGS FY2016 Annual Report to see the Center’s recent accomplishments and focus areas for FY2017.

Key Visits

On November 29, the Center welcomed Joseph Cirincione to PNNL to PNNL to discuss challenges and opportunities for nonproliferation/nuclear policy. Joseph Cirincione is President of Ploughshares Fund, a global security foundation. Read more …

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Center for Global Security

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